Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Edss 555 social interaction action plan for ELL students in PE

Many ELL students face social issues dealing with social interaction with native speakers. In Physical Education there is many different ways that I can promote social interaction. Many times it is just an icebreaker that is needed to promote conversation between people and other times it is a cultivating procedure. By placing students in small groups that they will be in for the whole unit and giving each member a role and responsibility allows for students to get a more in-depth relationship with students that they normally wouldn’t even talk to. By promoting students to be courteous, understanding, and forgiving towards each other they are learning many important social interaction skills that can be carried on to their professional careers. ELL benefit from this because they don’t get lost in the class. Their group is picked for them and they do not have to have an authoritative role if they do not wish too. They also get to know and learn more about the individuals in their team and they get a sense of belonging. This will help promote social interaction amongst their teammates. This is a good transitional strategy due to they get to start small and work their way up into starting conversations with new people and giving class presentations.

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