Sunday, October 7, 2012

555 Lesson Plan assessment (closed formative, fill in the blank)

Flag Football Referee Study Guide Downs: Each play attempt is a down. • Also called a “play” or “try.” • In flag football, teams have 5 downs to score a touchdown. Touchdown: When any part of the ball passes the plane of the end zone. • Results in 6 points in tackle football and 7 points in flag football. Line of scrimmage: An invisible line that runs from the tip of the ball to either side line. Tackle: When a flag is pulled. Pass: When a player throws the football from behind the line of scrimmage to a receiver on the other side of the line of scrimmage. Complete pass: When a receiver retains control of the football during a catch. Incomplete pass: When the football makes contact with the ground before a player retains control of it. • This results in the loss of a down/try and the ball is replaced at the previous line of scrimmage. Handoff/Rushing: When a player gives another player the ball behind the line of scrimmage and the football is always in possession of at least one player. Backward pass/Lateral: When the football is passed or tossed backwards. • This can be done on either side of the line of scrimmage and play will continue. • If done behind the line of scrimmage, the receiver of the lateral or backward pass can re-throw the football as long as they do not cross the line of scrimmage. Blitz/Rush: When defensive players cross the line of scrimmage in hopes to sack/tackle the QB or any other ball carrier behind the line of scrimmage. Quarterback: The player that receives the snap/hike of the ball. • Is required to throw the ball to receivers and hand the ball off to running backs. • Run’s the team’s offense. Wide receiver: Catches the football. Defensive back: Defends the receivers and tries to stop them from catching the ball. • Makes open field tackles. Interception: When a defensive player comes into possession of a pass that was intended for an offensive player. • May be run back by the defensive player for a touchdown.

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