Monday, November 5, 2012

EDSS 521 Blog Post #3

Where and how does creativity occur in your class? Physical Education is filled with creativity. Movement of the human body is a form of creativity in itself. Creativity can be when students learn to properly control their body to perform technical movements and tactics. Student’s are given time every week to strategize plays, defense, and team tactics for the weekly Friday tournament. Students work in small groups/sport ed teams to come up with their team country, mascot, cheer, hand shake, and colors. This encourages the students to be creative. Where and how does critical thinking and problem solving occur? Students are required to perform error discrimination and video analyst of techniques, movements, and tactics. Students use their critical thinking skills to examine and discriminate between correct and incorrect performances. Students problem solve when they have to use half time adjustments and make new game plans depending on their weekly opponents. Students have had to use their problem solving skills to get by personal differences and disagreements. They have to find ways to work through those tuff situations while working in a group. Many classes do not provide the social interaction training that physical education does. Students have to be taught how to properly communicate, act, and disagree with others. Where and how does communication, discussion, and collaboration occur? Students are able to do all these in their sport ed teams. They work together to come up with so many creative things that represent their teams and they have to do this through discussion and collaboration. As the unit goes on, the students use discussion and collaboration to teach each other more about the sport, tactics, or strategies. Students have to use proper forms of communication to get the ball thrown to them. They have to use words and body language to get their point across. Along with that they learn how to read body language better. P. 40 How do you teach students to work independently and provide opportunities for them to be self-directed learners? Physical Education as a whole and especially 8th grade PE has a large focus on the team tactics and strategies of sport. But we teach students to be independent and self directed by teaching them the importance of every person doing their part for the good of the team. It is a tea but every one is responsible to do their part so the team can perform their best. We “demonstrate commitment to learning as a lifelong process” by stressing the importance of becoming lifelong movers. The task to take care of your body does not end after you graduate school. You are to take independent responsibility to actively take care of your body for the rest of your life. p. 41 How do you provide students with opportunities to interact with others, work effectively in diverse teams, manage projects, and produce results? All the sports that we do are team sports in 8th grade. They “set and meet goals, even in the face of obstacles and competing pressures” by planning and practicing all week and then compete and play on tournament day. They have to go all the way to the end and play in the culminating event. They constantly are interacting with each other’s. These are all graded by a participation grade and a performance rubric.

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