Monday, October 15, 2012

EDSS 521 Lesson Planning Blog#2

In my PE class I try my best to incorporate environmental learning and performance learning. The adolescence brain is still developing and by having the students perform the activities and skills they fire their neurons and give attention to those pathways, which stores those pathways as memories. The teenage brain’s frontal cortex is still developing and needs practice at applying what they have learned. In all of my PE lessons I give instruction of the objectives of the day and give explanation to the students why this is important to life or the sport. Also they have many opportunities to develop social interaction skills since many of our lessons incorporate group work. Many of the thoughts that we have that include social skills are derived from the frontal cortex. Students are always engaged in the learning due to them having to perform the skills that day in class. There are progressions and game-like activities that stimulate learning cognitively, affectively, and with psychomotor performance.

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