Monday, November 26, 2012

EDSS 521 post #5

Blog Post #5 This semester, I have been surprised by the literacy levels of my students. They are able to read the que cards and white board every class. They read the board and they get to work right away. They have had some difficulties with understanding some of the sport specific terminology. Many of them can read the word they just lack the knowledge of what that words or words mean. In my class the students should be able to read the daily whiteboard, que cards, and read the instructional sheets pertaining to the specific sport that we are playing. Sept 30, 2013 Students are able to read the whiteboard and perform their duties of the day right away. They are unsure how to use the class blog and forum. They are unfamiliar with sport terminology and do not know many sport words, player positions, or rules of the game. They are lacking in simple literacy of sports play, which results in their lack of ability to appropriately strategize. December 15, 2013 Students are writing more in depth post and reading more fluidly with the addition of sport terminology. They read the white board quicker and are able to comprehend more in-depth instruction. They are starting to read sport and health material outside of school as assignments. They are starting to participate in more adequate discussions as a class that pertain to the sport of play. May, My literacy rich classroom looks like all the students reading their instructions and performing them right away. They read their homework assignments and are able to contribute actively to the class blog and forums. They understand sport terminology and different positions and rules regarding a variety of sports. They can hold educated sport conversations and know many health related terminology. They can read food labels with a sense of confidence. They can read work out magazines now understanding the fitness and anatomical terminology that is in the literature. They are educated scholars on sport play, fair play, and terminology with sport, fitness, and wellness.

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