Friday, September 7, 2012

Literacy Activity

Literacy Activity Activity: have three poly spots that are spread out in a triangle shape with 20 ft. in between each poly spot. One spot is yes, other no, and the last one is maybe/kind of. 5 questions will be asked and the students will have 5 seconds to get to the poly spot that best reflects their thoughts. 5 Questions 1. Do you like to read? 2. Do you like to read about sports? 3. Do you feel comfortable with reading out loud? 4. Do you enjoy writing? 5. Do you feel comfortable writing on a board in front of others? Combined % for all five classes Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Yes 85 10 10 33 40 Maybe 10 5 80 33 30 No 5 85 10 33 30 Reflection: Doing this activity was a great way to see the student’s literacy habits. In Physical Education we have instant activities that are used to get students moving at the beginning of class that is not sport specific. I used this activity to get students moving and answer the questionnaire at the same time. I was surprised by how many students answered that they liked to read, however did not like to read out load.; also, the equity about their enjoyment in writing. This was a great way for me to interact with the students and still get them to think about reading and writing while being physically active. They did mention several times “ How is this P.E?” I am finding out hat they view P.E. as sports related activity only. I am hoping to change these viewpoints by the end of the semester.

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